Romid Global Homes Limited

 is in the business of real estate in order to meet your housing needs. 

Together Everyone Achieves More

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing an outstanding level of service and market-leading expertise to our clients. We are committed and passionate about providing that extra value that others simply do not; and to make real estate as cost effective as possible

Our Vision

To become one of the leading real estate agency in Africa while fulfilling clients dreams of owning property.

From Romid Global Homes

Just as feeding is important to man, shelter is also essential. Have you ever thought of having a comfortable home to protect you from exuberant yearly rent expenses? Do you believe that becoming a home owner is achievable at the best deal? For these reasons, Romid Global Homes Limited is in the business of real estate in order to meet your housing needs. We buy and sell land, we construct buildings as well....all at the worth of your money.

Our Values

like feeding shelter is important

  1. Integrity

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    We are honest and consistent in all our dealings with our clients. We keep promises because we "walk the talk"

  2. Prompt Delivery

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    We act and respond to clients needs quickly and swiftly

  3. Team Work

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    We ensure success through building lasting relationships with our clients and each other. We support one another in order to achieve common goals because "Together Everyone Achieves More".

  4. Competence

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    We give reliable information that guides our clients in making the right decision.

  5. Customer Service

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    We direct all our efforts towards understanding, anticipating and satisfying our clients needs and expectations promptly